Dilwar Mandal

I am a freelence photographer mostly contributing in and a software engineer in a leading software company, I like to take pictures of people, environment, social events etc.

I am from Murshiababad, India and currently working in Brussels, Belgium.

Dilwar Mandal DP


Tata Group is fond of different CSR initiatives. Accordingly,TCS also organizes various corporate-social events under the supervision of TCS Maitree, it’s CSR unit. TCS Maitree participates in various social welfare programs through out the year across different locations which includes Adult Literacy program, Academic Interface program, Village development initiative, Advanced Computer Training program, Healthcare awareness program etc.

As a member of TCS Maitree Bangalore I got a chance to be part of Annual Notebook Distribution Camping twice during my stay in Bangalore. This is a social sustainability program under which education stationary and books are dispensed to students in an underprivileged area. Bangalore Maitree  selects a place known as Malur which is almost 20 km from Whitefield and 46 km from

Bangalore City. This place is located in Kolar district of south
Karnataka and almost in border of TamilNadu. TCS  Maitree arranges this drive every year and covers almost 30 schools of rural Malur. I cherish the memories and I think it will be worth sharing the nice experience.

We, around 150 associates started from TCS Bangalore at 8 AM in the morning in 8 buses. It was a thrilling journey through the countryside of Karnataka. The atmosphere was absolutely awesome and nature was vibrant. Traveling an hour we entered the district of Kolar and it was time to act. We all united in a large school to chalk out the road-map for the day. There the SPOCs (Special Person of Communication) divide all into five teams with a team leader.

It was decided that five teams would go to five different areas and would cover 4-5 schools each. Hence , a total number of 20-25 schools would be visited by all the teams. Accordingly we also started with our respective team and reached the first school. The students were ecstatic. We become speechless by their expression. One by one we covered three schools and distributed the books, pens, pencils, notebooks etc. It was around 2 pm and we never felt that we were hungry by the responses we received from the students and their teachers. We played with them, had fun, quizzed them,got information about their needs , shot pictures like these, taught things and did many other funny activities. It overwhelmed us in a way that we regained our school-days for those few hours. Taking a quick lunch we restarted for rest 2 schools. We received equally good response. Finally, clock ticks around 4 and it was a time to bid good-bye to those young friends. It was really a precious experience. Overcoming the poverty their zeal and motivation for study  has mesmerized all of us. On the way to return we felt so happy and contented with ourselves to be able to peep their lives and carry the young dreams in their bright eyes. I always love to cherish the memories. Here are some of the glimpses I want to share with you.


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